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Quirky spots in Leh Ladakh that beckon you secretly!!

Quirky spots in Leh Ladakh that beckon you secretly!!

Admin Nov 07, 2019

The sky does not even let the light dim in Ladakh during the darkest days. One reason the' land of elevated passes' has been envied by Heaven. A drive out of your town will allow you to visit top attractions and beautiful spots in Leh Ladakh. These are not typical spots, not many tourists know about them, so you can believe we have something to share. 

1. Turtuk, a destination for the quest of heaven

Turtuk was in Pakistan until the end of 1971 and was then included in India's puzzle. From 2010, visitors could visit the country of Baltis (People of Turtuk). Smiling faces, wheat farms and every experience at this breathtaking location in Ladakh just elate the heart. You can also go on a walk down to a waterfall or go to the royal palace. This farming village has been living away from the crowd of tourists during the days of its swing to the lullaby in Ladakh in northwestern India. However, Turtuk doesn't imply he enjoys curious minds less. This attraction, popularly known as the bordered town, lies near the Siachen Glacier, the biggest glacier in the Indian Subcontinent.

2. Grab the adventure in  Uleytokpo

The sights of Lamayuru Monastery, Monastery of Rizdong, Monastery of Alchi, Likir monastery and Mangyu Temple are all within its charm. It is encircled by the charm of the village. But tourists must reach all those areas in that additional miles and can end the day in the Indus Valley with a river rafting. Peace flows in a little village about 60 km from Leh, on the ground Uleytokpo. On the manner to Lamayuru, this lesser-known attraction is the country of adventure enthusiasts. Uleytokpo, for its part, is a campsite that dips into the beauty of the river Indus.

You will be at the renowned Yuru Kabgyat Festival in July or in August if you plan a journey to Ladakh. Yama (Lord of death) and Padmasambhava (Lord of wealth) are dedicated to the 2-day feast. The festival's primary highlight is the masked dances, also called the Cham dance, carried out by monks.

3. Basgo, showcasing the culture

History buffs would rush to Basgo if they got a chance to go back in time. Only the ruins are now left, once a rich, culturally and politically important village. However, don't dishearten, as Basgo still has a royal palace and a monastery in Ladakh district. Basgo Monastery has three shrines dedicated to the Maitreya Buddha, namely Cham Chung Temple, Serzang Temple and Chamba Maitreya. The monastery is fascinating with copper sculptures and wall paintings that portray Lord Buddha's life. The deserted village is also overshadowed by the various mountain colours. The hot hospitality of local people here makes you remain somewhat longer.

4. Sumur, holy stopover

The name of Sumur follows on the list of the cached gems of Ladakh. It is a town that lies on the banks of the Nubra River at an altitude of 10,827 ft. The nearby Samstanling Gompa is known by the locals. Since 1841, the monastery has been part of the Valle Nubra and has been the home of a magnificent deity painting. Travellers must walk from the village to the holy shrine for 45 minutes. Sumur is also open to walkers who love to find something fresh every second. Here, the path leads to other higher-altitude villages.

5. Panamik, landscapes that awestruck you

Panamik is the next village to be seen on a trip through Ladakh on this blog. The Nubra Valley attraction is 55 km away from Diskit and near the monastery of Ensa. Heat sulfur springs are renowned. Travellers can't go beyond this village, as it is located near the largest battle camp Siachen Glacier in the world. The thermal sulfur springs (10,442 ft) have medicinal properties that can cure illnesses. Travellers must take a license in Nubra Valley to visit this village.

 6. Rangdum, rejuvenating Kum everlasting 

The Buddhist village of Rangdum will catch your eye somewhere on the streets of Kargil and Padum. It is said to be the last hamlet in the Suru Valley secluded region and is visited by the same name for the monastery. There are two sides of Rangdum: one has colourful hills and another is lined with mountains and glaciers.It is a 16th-century gompa which is home to around 40-45 monks. The overall vibe is peaceful and soothing, the walls are adorned with beautiful frescoes and have statues as well. You can discover shelter in a couple of homestays if you plan to spend some time here on your holiday in Ladakh or going to Padum.

7. Changthang, blend of Tibet and Ladakh

Changthang is component of Ladakh that is not investigated by many among the five' biodiverse areas' of India. This high valley, which takes its position in the core of Tibet and Ladakh, has been pinned down at an altitude of 14,846 ft. The valley extends from Ladakh east to Tibet. Changpa, the nomadic pastors and the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary are dominating the region. Here are snow leopards, gazelles, bharals, wolves and regional birds.

8. Rumtse, trek with nature at its best 

Rumtse is a small town opening doors to the sparkling Tso Moriri Lake for trekkers. The town is the loving kid of the valley of Rupshu and is full of nature. The valley itself is full of hills, meadows and drylands. It's the first human settlement on the road from Lahaul to Ladakh. Unknown fact about RumtseIn addition, from Rumtse on the trip to Tso Moriri's Lake is a 9-day walk. The luxuriant greenery and the banks of the river enchant you, making Ladakh feel different. You can see our Leh Ladakh tours packages that make it much easier for you to plan your holidays.

9. Upshi, home of Pashmina goats source of  Pashmina Shawl

The last item on the Ladakh list is Upshi. It is clear that you will be the enthralled by the popular attractions when it comes to Leh Ladakh tours. However, we can always save travel for the extraordinary. That is why we were thinking of taking nine extraordinary locations in Leh Ladakh, just known to the keen heart. Hope you enjoyed the blog and do comment below if you think about it. It was glad to visit you, continue to follow us for such exciting visits.The village is located on the Leh-Manali Highway and plays the Valley and Tanglang La along the Indus River. If you are in Ladakh you can hardly miss the goodness of this hamlet. The local people treat Changthangi goats or Pashmina goats as the renowned Pashminas are produced from their fur.