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The Best Long Weekend Getaways for Couples

The Best Long Weekend Getaways for Couples

Admin Mar 18, 2020

There's nothing like travelling together. Navigating new places when spending with your significant other one is a perfect way to deepen your connection and build lasting memories. 

And every couple needs a special getaway to enjoy to the content of their hearts — whether it's comfortable in a rustic cabin, lazing on a tropical beach, hitting the slopes or sipping wine in the countryside.

Jaisalmer Rajasthan

This city is also called the Golden City and one of Rajasthan's main parts. It has a romantic and humiliating bed in the heart of the Thar desert near the Indo-Pakistan border. The Indian government acknowledged the importance of Jaisalmer's strategic position near the border, during the India-Pakistan war of 1965 and 1971. The Jaisalmer Fort and Desert Camel Safari are the main tourist attraction.

Kutch Gujarat

Kutch is known as the Gujarat district of India's Wild West. The primaeval temples, intriguing palaces, rugged citadels, enchanting flamboyants are all about this great geographic phenominium. It has a shallow marshland surrounded primarily by the swampy salt flats, which appear as endless snowy areas. Gujarat is well-known for the spectacular natural history of the Great Rann Of Kutch. In the vast drylands of the Desert Safaris are the main sights for adventure lovers.

Pushkar Rajasthan

As a famous Hindu pilgrimage area, Pushkar is a muddle of religious and tourist scenes, one of India's largest existing cities. The city is around a sacred lake that is said by the drop of a lotus bloom by Lord Brahma. The town humps the periodical soundtrack of music, drums, gongs and religious songs, with 52 Holy Ghats and 400 Milky blue shrines. Famous for fairs like the Pushkar Camel Fair, the Nagaur Fair, the Pushkar Fair and the Tejaji Fair, the city has many visitors all year round. Pushkar is only 11 km away from the town of Ajmer, separated from the craggy Nag Pahar. You can, therefore, include it in your itinerary too.

Bikaner Rajasthan

Bikaner is also known as the' camel country' in the northwest of Rajasthan state. It is well known for its popular large-scale desserts and snacks. In contrast, its vibrant social lifestyle has a different aspect of desolate barren landscapes. The Desert Safari and the spectacular Sand Dunes are the main attractions of the Indian Desert. The popular international camel festival attracts travelers in abundance. Hey, don't skip to the Karni Mata Shrine. It's a treat that awaits you all.

Jodhpur Rajasthan

For every adventure enthusiast, Jodhpur, an ancient city, has many surprises on offer. A desert safari is perfect for large scenery with huge sand dunes. For camel treks, which are the perfect way to get to know the wilds, this curiosity doubles. Take a look at the rose-colored sun falling between the dunes, and the cameras with the blackbockes, foxes and blue bulls. You will surely be jealous of this.


The quintessence of the pride, zeal, and nature of Rajput is located in the south of Rajasthan state. Chittorgarh resonates with the tale of bravery, tenacity and dedication which is evident, as it is sung to the Bards of Rajasthan with great pride. The wilderness lies in the isolation which echoes the myths of the heroism and bravery of the great rulers of Rajput who sacrificed their lives against a greater enemy, rather than giving them their glory. A must see is the Fort of Chittorgarh, a historic treasure trove, together with desert saferis and camel treks.


Bundi is the first princely town to be ruled by a majestic palace of worn parchments, with its slender streets with Brahmin-Blue buildings, loches, hills, marketplaces and a shrine at every gate. The vision of the palace above the city is completely ethereal from the hillside. Bundi is situated in Rajasthan's Hadoti District. Bundi is patterned by rivers and lakes, and consecrated by a wealth of flora and fauna, with numerous resonating waterfalls.