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Birthday getaway with your mates, 5 destinations for cocktail hour.

Birthday getaway with your mates, 5 destinations for cocktail hour.

Admin Nov 05, 2019

Birthdays are always fun with your mates, head to these five destinations for a brilliant time with some sun, sand and surf.


It is the vibrant place for bachelor parties to explore the beautiful beaches and the dense forest, to enjoy the experience and the Goan cuisine which this place is famous for. By doing other adventurous activities here, you may enjoy the natural beauty of this place.


It is India's next best tourist destination and bachelors and their friends can enjoy it. They can enjoy several activities, including camping and bungee jumps, which cover water rafting. This place is best suited for adventurous activities that friends or partners can enjoy during the honeymoon period.

Andaman and Nicobar islands

This is the best place to go for bachelors and friends to enjoy beautiful beaches with delicious and leisurely food in the sunbath. You can enjoy touching where you get the best living underwater experience.


It is India's last but best tourist destination and bachelors explore harbours with the back and front seas, making it an appealing place in the countryside. Bachelors have the greatest opportunity to appreciate the colourful sights of this location. In addition, it is the best location for bachelors with shopping centres and ice cream salami, giving them fresh experience in the area.Therefore all of these locations are the best areas for bachelors or couples to enjoy a memorable nature experience.


This is the perfect place for bachelors to enjoy a valley located in the Himachal Pradesh mountains at an altitude of 2050 m. It is nearly 270 kilometres from Shimla and is a well-known tourist destination. It is also in the top list of destinations for honeymoons, where couples will find major attractions near the area. In winter skinning and trekking and paragliding can be enjoyed by the students during the summer season. The climate of this place is cool and can be visited every season.