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Incredible Places to Visit If You Need Peace and Relaxation

Incredible Places to Visit If You Need Peace and Relaxation

Admin Jan 31, 2020

The sparkling warmth in the summer merely becomes intolerable every day and it is time for you to take a break. Well, what would better refresh your minds and bodies this summer than water! So here we are showing you, this summer, five fabulous areas where you can go to the sun.


Majuli Island:-

It is Assam's cultural capital and is surrounded by the Brahmaputra on both sides by the world's largest fluvial island. Majuli's culture is unique and very interesting, which is one of the reasons why people are attracted to this place. Multitudes like Raas Purnima are the festivals of Majuli. It's truly a quiet and picturesque location, and you will certainly be in love with the lively greenery. Cycling is something that you must not miss to explore the landscape and the ferry.


 Auroville- Pondicherry:-

It was established in 1968 by the religious leader Mirra Alfassa as a city where individuals from all over the globe could reside together. It is located near Pondicherry's union territory. It was also known as the "city of morning." Auroville is designed to achieve human unity through meditation like Matrimandir which has all-around elegant lawns. October to February is the best time to go.


Pangong Tso:-

This site, 1400 ft above the floor, is in Ladakh and has beautiful landscapes. It lies at elevated altitude and is surrounded by the hills with various sky colours. People from around the globe come to camp here and enjoy the wonderful sunrise and sunsets. Sometimes the view is accompanied by rare birds and animals visiting the lake. From May to September it is the best time to visit.


Agatti island – Lakshadweep:-

This island has a length of 7,6 km and is located in Lakshadweep, India on the coral atoll Agatti. It is India's coral paradise and provides snorkelling and diving. This paradise is defined by crystal-clear and tidy water. Surroundings of the island are lagoons and the coral reef fenced. These reefs give the island beauty as well as natural sheaths from harsh waters. From October to mid-May is the best time to go there.


Dzukou Valley:-

Also known as the flowers valley on the Nagaland and Manipur boundaries. It has a trek to Zankhana, which is situated 20 km from Kohima, well known for its flora and wildlife and its fascinating nature. This flowers valley is a pleasure for hiking souls and starving travellers. The grass that guides one through the road, the flower that satiates one's nerves, and the clouds that caresses you, you like lovers, can not withstand surrendering their senses into these picturesque mountains. In fact, this is one of the most idyllic natural trends.

                                                                                                                             -Harshita Mal